A little bit more about us

ReachOut is a trading style of Sigma Connected Ltd. Sigma has many years’ experience in supporting the customer of its client partners – including customers of many leading brand in both the public and private sector.

ReachOut is a trading style of Sigma Connected Ltd. More information about Sigma can be found here.

Sigma has many years’ experience in supporting the customers of its clients – including customers of many leading brands in both the public and private sector.   Over the years Sigma has served millions of individuals, many of whom were vulnerable and experienced financial difficulties.

Sigma is proud to use this experience in order to support customers through its ReachOut initiative.  ReachOut reflects and represents a hand-picked team of Pathfinders: specialist advisors selected for their supportive, empathetic, non-judgemental and approachable nature; and trained to support customers through life’s challenges.


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Questions you might have...

How much does ReachOut cost?

Our service is free to you. The business which asked us to get in contact with you is paying our costs for helping you so you don’t have to pay us a penny. Support and assistance, for free – what’s not to like about that?

Are you a Debt Collection Agency?

ReachOut is not a debt collection agency, nor are we trying to collect your arrears. We will never ask you to make a payment – indeed, we can’t take your money even if you wanted to give it to us. On the contrary, one of our key aims is to help you to demonstrate to any businesses you owe money to that you are taking reasonable steps to address your debts – and may actually prevent any overdue bills being sent to a debt collection agency.

So how can you help me?

One of our aims it to give you the knowledge, support and encouragement required in order that you are empowered to take more control of any situation or challenge you might have. A full list of our aims can be found in our Customer Charter.

And is it just my finances you can help with?

We can help with more than that. We understand that life is full of many challenges and may be able to help you find the right path through challenges relating to money, debt, budgeting, benefits and energy efficiency; as well as those relating to health, relationships and general wellbeing.

Is this confidential and what happens to my information?

We look after you for a short amount of time to try and help you get back on track, therefore we work as a Data Processor for the business that asked us to contact you.

We make notes and keep call recordings for a limited time. We only ever share those with the company that referred you, if you consent. Read more in our Privacy Policy.

We also have our own high standards for data security and, as a business, have ISO 27001 certification for Information Security, are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office and are fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation. This ensures your data is safe.

We’re here to help you... just call us on 0800 061 2172