Received a letter from us? Relax, we’re here to help you…

We know how stressful managing debt can be, especially when dealing with life’s other challenges and unexpected events. If you would like us to, we want to try and help you.

Challenges we may be able to help you find the right path through include those relating to money, debt, budgeting, benefits and energy efficiency as well as those relating to health, relationships and general wellbeing.

One of our friendly and knowledgeable Pathfinders would like to take time to understand your individual circumstances. Their aim is to give you knowledge, support and encouragement in order that you can feel empowered to take more control of your situation.

We’re not a debt collection agency and will never ask for payment...

We’re not trying to collect your arrears and can’t take your payments. What we can do is help you plan to improve your financial situation and your ability to manage all your repayments. This will also help demonstrate to any businesses you owe money to that you are taking reasonable steps to address your debts and may prevent overdue bills being sent to a debt collection agency. In return for working with us, the business that asked us to contact you will temporarily hold your account from being referred to a debt collection agency.

We’ll support you to come up with a plan...

One of our team of Pathfinders will take the time to listen, talk through and understand your individual circumstances. Only then will they take time to clearly explain some options and their benefits so that you can decide which course of action is best for you. They will support you to come up with your own plan: some simple steps that might make a big difference to some of the challenges you face.

Plus, we’re completely free to you...

The company that asked us to contact you has agreed to pay all our costs in providing this service to you so that our service is completely free to you. They provide this extra support as they understand life is not straightforward and are committed to helping their customers when they are struggling with their bills.

Our service is only open to individuals that have received a letter from us. If we’ve not written to you then support may still be available from the many Charities out there.

Where we provide you with information about other charities and companies that may be able to help you further then we do not receive any income or fees from these companies. Any information we give you is unbiased and based simply on what is relevant given your circumstances.

Other questions you might have may be answered here

Support and Advice

We guide people to a range of independent charities and third sector organisations offering everything from debt advice to crisis support and improved wellbeing.
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